Fire Department Notice

The fire department has told us to notify all our unit owners and tenants that using or storing propane tanks on balconies is illegal and you can be fined if the inspector sees propane tank on your balcony.

Also they want us to tell you to make sure that your smoke detectors are operational. They suggest that you install new batteries in them at the same time that you that you change your clocks for daylight saving time.

They also inspected the buildings and we were given a warning that nothing (wagons, bicycles, etc) can be stored in halls or near stairwells. This is also covered in Condo Docs. If you have anything in the hall please remove as the Association will not be responsible for any fine.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!






 We are pleased to inform you that we will soon embark upon a short period of capital maintenance and replacement which will include:

  • Chemically washing the roofs of all three buildings (they are already under annual inspection and re-sealing contracts)
  • Pressure washing the exterior walls of all three buildings
  • Repainting all of the hall floors & walls, stairwells, and common element railings in all three buildings.
  • Re-sealing/re-coating the asphalt parking lot, including new striping AND renewing the numbering on all the curb stops.
  • Replacement of all the pool furniture

These improvements (about $50,000 worth!) are funded from the Reserves and will NOT result in any change in your assessments.  Having money for large repairs/replacements when needed is the purpose of the Reserve fund in the first place. Competitive bids were taken per State Law.

We know you will enjoy the refreshed appearances and benefit from the maintenance of our property values.  Unfortunately, this work does come with a few unavoidable but very temporary inconveniences such as restricted parking on certain days, or limited (but not blocked) access to hallways and stairs for a few hours at a time; wet paint, and a need to keep all windows closed and patio furnishings covered during the washing and pressure cleaning, etc.

We will post notices in the ELEVATOR LOBBY of each building.  We ask that if your car will be here on restricted days that you either move it in advance or leave a key with a neighbor on the property.  If cars are not relocated after proper notice, we will have no choice but to tow them for both the protection of the vehicle as well as to facilitate the work. 

We will make every effort to keep the interruptions as short as possible.   While much of the work is weather-dependent, we expect everything to be completed before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Lastly, we wish to remind unit owners that unless you have already installed a replacement, your water heater was probably installed 17 years ago.  5 have failed in the past 10 days and at least five more either failed or were caught “just in time” in the past month.  Water heater replacement and liability for any damage a leak may cause is a unit owner responsibility. PLEASE consider replacing your unit ASAP to avoid needless disasters, even higher costs later, or even a lawsuit for damages.

These things always happen late at night and on weekends when resources are not available and the damage can be significant.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation!





Sept 6, 2016 – To: all Unit Owners, Tenants, & Authorized Occupants

As many of you are aware, our condominium is only 62 units and is managed by volunteer unpaid Directors who provide both routine and emergency coverage on a 24/7 basis. This results in considerable financial savings to the community.

That said, these folks are entitled to a break.

The Association will be CLOSED for ordinary and routine business transactions from 5pm Friday Dec 9, 2016 until 8am Tuesday Dec 27, 2016. 

During this time, we will be unable to accept or process lease, tenant/occupant, or sale/purchase applications and approvals, entry gate decal issuance/replacement, accounting inquiries, non-emergency maintenance requests, etc.

While there is never an “ideal” time for a closure, we note that seven (7) of the sixteen (16) days are either weekend days, legal Holidays, or both.  The Holiday time frame also is historically one of low site activity.  This should minimize any inconvenience.

EMERGENCIES will be handled in the usual manner during the closure by contacting us at:  VP & Director Ashley Whitaker and former President, Paul Jordan both live on-site and will cover for emergencies only.  In addition, one or more other Directors or Officers may be available (either onsite or “reachable”) on certain of those “closed” days to assist or back-up Ms. Whitaker or Mr. Jordan.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!









The Board urges ALL unit owners to become involved. This responsibility should be shared. We thank those faithful who have attended the Board meetings, participated and voted.

Going Away Reminder

If you are going to be away from your unit:

  • Turn OFF the water (valve is inside A/C closet, behind water heater)
  • Turn OFF appliances (Except Air Conditioner and Refrigerator)
  • Leave the key with a neighbor