Information about putting up Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are kept in the closets on each floor of each building. In the event the National Hurricane Bureau issues a Warning for our area these shutters will be given out to each owner/tenant or their representative to be placed on their windows and patio door if they so desire.

It is the responsibility of each owner or tenant to have the correct hardware for mounting the shutters. These can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Hardware Hurricane Shutters

It is also the responsibility of each owner or tenant to return these shutters to be put neatly back in the closets. Please remember that putting up, removing and returning the shutters is the responsibility of each owner or tenant.



For more Hurricane info, go to Local 10 Hurrican Info Headquarters




The Board urges ALL unit owners to become involved. This responsibility should be shared. We thank those faithful who have attended the Board meetings, participated and voted.

Going Away Reminder

If you are going to be away from your unit:

  • Turn OFF the water (valve is inside A/C closet, behind water heater)
  • Turn OFF appliances (Except Air Conditioner and Refrigerator)
  • Leave the key with a neighbor